Friday, July 15, 2011

Candy Flower Cupcakes

My youngest daughter will be turning "1" next Saturday. My better half and I decided that since it's the middle of the summer and super hot that we would do a Hawaiian luau theme for her party. I've been tinkering with ideas of what type of "treats" to serve, besides her cake that could go along with the theme.

I was going to do the typical pineapples, palm trees and such...but thought that I might give it a go with decorating with candy....it's only a start and I'm not even sure if it's the direction I want to go in, but here are the beginnings of the cupcakes....

I used what I had around, which was basically gumdrops, skittles, tic-tacs and icing. When I look at them they give off a fruity feeling. (I know that's not really a feeling)  But this is the first of a few experiments in both miniature and regular sized cupcakes.

I like the color range that the skittles came in paired with the vibrancy of the tic-tacs..but I may be better off using jelly beans, which also offer a wide selection of colors.

But these are the first and will get better as my head thinks more and more and more :) 


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