Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Chocolate Peanut Butter Birthday.

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My soon to be Sister in laws birthday was this past weekend, so I made some sweet treats in honor of her celebration!

These, well these are nothing more that a match  made in cupcake heaven, with delicious double chocolate cake and peanut butter butter-cream frosting. I adorned the top with shaved dark chocolate and a half a square of chocolate peeking out of the top! (You can find the recipe to make the Peanut Butter Frosting (HERE))

Now onto the chocolate lovers delight. Well now, these ones appear simple, yet they are to die for if you are one of those people (me) who loves layer upon layer of chocolaty deliciousness! Double chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting and a simple, sprinkle of pink at the birthday girls request!

They look so innocently chocolate, until you take that first bite......mmmmmmmmm chocolate!

I can't help but admit that I love, love, love that moment when people take that first bite of my treats and then exclaim...."Oh my God these are amazing"

 Happy Happy Jan!

Minature Flower Communion Cupcakes

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My niece was making her first communion this year, so I was asked by my sister to make some cupcakes for the party. I so wished I had taken better pictures.

Note to self: Take better flippin pictures!

Now with that out of the way let me tell you about these delish little delights. First I had made three flavors; the standard fare of chocolate and vanilla, but for a little pop I added in red velvet. For the icing I kept it a standard vanilla frosting across the board, I have found that often times kids don't like anything more than chocolate and vanilla, when it comes to both cupcake flavor and/or frosting.

I had actually discovered with this type of flowery design when I was making the feathers for the big bird miniature cupcakes for my daughters birthday. I'm not really sure if its a "technique" with a name, but all the miniature cupcakes were decorated with it, giving it a look much like a miniature flowery bouquet.

I alternated between a plain white frosting and a soft pink. The larger cupcakes were adorned with a larger soft pink swirl, sprinkled with iridescent white pearls. As always everyone loves cupcakes, even the older folks were munching down on them and of course they were delicious!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Miniature Sesame Street Cupcakes

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I made these for my Daughter's 2nd birthday party. We had decided on a Sesame Street theme, so naturally I HAD to make the sesame street characters into cupcakes. If you would like to make these you can check out the tutorials by following the links below.

Since the majority of children that would be there were five and under I choose to make them miniature cupcakes, reason being I didn't want to be the parent that all the other parents glared at for having their child covered in colored frosting.

I had a ball making them, I just wish I had more time, because if you haven't noticed.... poor Oscar is missing his furrowed brow. All in all though, they were a huge success and not one was left over after the party had ended...both the parents and the kids gobbled them all up!

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The official first post.

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So it's official and this is my first post, hopefully of many that will follow. Okay, so what's it all about, well this is my attempt to finally allow the creative madness that rages within me to have a physical platform in this life.

Or to put it a little milder....

It's a blog about me (Mighty Morgan), my cupcakes, my cakes, my recipes, my developing craftiness and all my other ideas I have a crazy, insane desire to create....

So if you happen upon this little blog of mine and like what you see, please feel free to comment or drop me a line ANYTIME!

Glad to meet you and have a wonderful day!